Alti-2 Atlas Elastic Wrist Band


Elastic wrist strap that fits Alti-2 Atlas altimeter.

Available on backorder


Introducing the Alti-2 Atlas Elastic Wrist Mount!

The Atlas Elastic Wrist Mount is manufactured by Alti-2 specifically to fit the Atlas altimeter.

Durable & comfortable elastic emblazoned with the Alti-2 Atlas logo, the Atlas Elastic Wrist Mount keeps your altimeter secure to your wrist comfortably using the stretchy fabric. The Atlas Elastic Wrist Mount is integrated with a special pocket specifically for use with the Atlas.


Inside circumference of the wrist band when it is slack as follows:

    • Small – 16 cm
    • Medium – 18 cm
    • Large – 19 cm
    • XL – 21 cm

A slight to medium stretch will enlarge the circumferences by about 2 cm. The manufacturer recommends a stretch of no more than 1-2 cm for a comfortable fit.

Note: This mount fits the Atlas altimeter only.


Available on preorder only, please contact us for delivery information.


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